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Dr. Jessica Smith


Jessica (Barhorst) Smith earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Central Michigan University in Health Fitness and Rehabilitation in 2003. After graduation she continued with courses in Exercise Science. In 2005 she returned to the Dayton area and worked at Kettering Sports Medicine in their Sport Acceleration program through Athletic Republic. In 2006 she was accepted in the inaugural University of Dayton’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. While attending UD she maintained a graduate assistant position, working in the cadaver anatomy lab. Throughout her formal education with UD she began specialization in the foot and ankle during her clinical experiences and independent study. After graduation in 2009 she joined Orion Physical Therapy Specialists. She continues her specialization in lower extremity biomechanics and custom orthotics. Jessica is nearing the end of her work toward Manual Therapy Certification through the University of St. Augustine. Other areas of interest include running injuries and prevention, footwear, biomechanical video analysis, and other lower extremity problems.

Also while attending the University of Dayton, she took part in research and co-authored a publication titled, “Glenohumeral Range of Motion and Lower Extremity Flexibility in Collegiate-Level Baseball Players”. She also completed an independent study with capstone project titled “Treatment Approaches and Theories of Foot and Ankle and Orthotic Intervention: Current Concepts.” Jessica is second author for a case study titled, “Reconstruction of a Retracted Extensor Hallucis Longus (EHL) Laceration by Split Tendon Lengthening of the EHL and Tendon Augmentation with a Dermal Scaffold.” Her present research interests include varying degrees of rearfoot/ forefoot structural and dynamic deformity and injury prevalence. Jessica has also enjoyed speaking and lecturing in the community on running injuries and footwear.

Since 2009 Jessica has been adjunct faculty for the University of Dayton Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. She co-teaches Orthopedics I and II labs, serves as a Problem Based Learning tutor for Orthopedics I/II and Medical Diagnostics. She is also currently co-teaching PT Seminar at the undergraduate level.

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