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I've told my rehab story to to a lot people over the years.... You totally changed my life and got me back to more than a normal life... I went through absolute hell with several doctors and the workers comp process before getting to you ( I am eternally grateful).... I can't stress enough how much I appreciate how you were divinely placed in my path to get me where I needed to go - you are a miracle.

Tom S.

Orion Physical Therapy is the best PT clinic, hands down, in my opinion. They have a component most clinics lack. That is compassion. Their entire staff, including the students who assist them, are the kindest, most understanding and compassionate people I have ever dealt with in PT. My PT, Kim, has been teaching me how to walk once more, treated my pain so that I can function in a more normal way, without medications, and taught me how to continue my progress at home, on my own. After two, very extensive surgeries four months ago. Most importantly, everyone I’ve encountered, Sue, especially Kim have given me hope, something I needed badly!

Debbie B-W

I can’t say that I am pain free, and working out takes a lot of grit, but I can say that accomplishing some things I used to be able to do feels good inside. When I told Tyler that I jogged a 12:39 mile, he said that I am now the fast one in the family. At any rate, I am so thankful that God used you to impact positive change in my physical well being. So, in case you have a day where you doubt if what you do matters, just remember patients like me whose lives you have radically touched!

Chris G.

Thanks for giving me my mom back.

Jaden G.