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Continuing Education: Integrated Rehabilitation of the Lumbar Spine and Pelvis

Course Description: This course focuses on an integrated approach to the rehabilitation of the lumbar spine and pelvis.Emphasis is placed on manual therapy techniques including muscle energy and joint mobilization. The format of the course includes a combination of lecture and lab. A functional review of the anatomy and biomechanics of the lumbopelvic region and […]

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Dry Needling: What’s the point?

The latest trend? Physical therapy (PT) has been around since 1916 and over the years it has evolved into an evidence-informed, doctoring profession that is founded on the art and science of healing. Throughout this time many PT treatment methods have come and gone but the effective interventions (supported by patient testimonial and also by […]

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So you wanna…Get Flexible!

It’s an age old question, “How can I get more flexible?” In fact, even the experts debate the topic. The common questions related to “How to get flexible” can be answered with applied science and good old common sense. Get Well Being flexible is more than just about being able to touch your toes. The […]

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The Orion Mission. Why Physical Therapy? Why Us?

Why physical therapy? I come from a long line of health care providers and teachers. My father was an emergency room physician and others in my family are physicians, nurses, therapists, etc. On the other hand, many in my family have been involved in education. My grandparents were school principles and I can recall many […]

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