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Health And Wellness

Helping you to be healthy and live well

Orion Physical Therapy has developed programs that help our clients achieve and maintain their optimal state of health and wellness. Health and Wellness programs fill the space that exists in the continuum between healthcare and fitness. They  bridge the gap between rehabilitation and optimal health through individually designed programs that are supervised by clinicians who are experts in both fields.

We educate patients on health and wellness options.

Who can benefit?

  • People who are interested in living healthy and living well.
  • People who would like to have an expert in healthcare and wellness/fitness design an individualized program that is created specifically to meet their needs and achieve their goals.
  • People who have concerns or issues that have made it difficult to pursue and achieve their optimal level of health and wellness.
  • People who have unique needs that fall in between physical therapy rehabilitation and fitness.
  • People who have completed their physical therapy rehabilitation program but are still motivated to maintain or increase their current level of health and wellness.
  • People who have insurance benefits that have run out for physical therapy, but are interested in continuing their rehabilitation plan.
  • Individuals whose co-pay is no longer affordable or have experienced a loss of insurance benefits.

Complete Treatment

We treat the whole person, understanding that the body is an incredibly complex machine.

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